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Report of the DSM-5 Psychotic Disorders Work Group 

April 2009
William Carpenter

Current attention involves planning for field trials. In addition, the following issues are being considered:

  1. testing a dimensional approach for key aspects of psychopathology (e.g., reality distortion, disorganization, avolition, restricted affect, cognition impairment, depression and mania) which will be used across all diagnostic categories in the psychoses section and probably overlap with dimensions in the mood disorders section;
  2. developing new criteria for schizoaffective disorder to improve reliability and face validity;
  3. determining whether the dimensional assessment of mood will justify a recommendation to drop schizoaffective disorder as a diagnostic category;
  4. adding a risk syndrome section to DSM-5 and including risk for conversion to psychosis as a category;
  5. moving Catatonia into its own diagnostic class;
  6. dropping traditional schizophrenia subtypes.   

Not yet discussed, but on the future agenda will be determining whether any of the diagnoses in the psychoses section can be combined or dropped in an effort to reduce the number of disorders and decrease extensive overlap.

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