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DSM-5 Publications Errata 

At the APA, we pride ourselves on being an accurate and credible source of information for our patients, colleagues, and the general public. Although we make every attempt to provide content that is clear, sound, and supported by research, errors are an unfortunate inevitability. Listed below you will find corrections to known errors in DSM-5-related publications. We encourage feedback from readers if you notice an error not listed here, which can be sent to

Andrews G, Charney DS, Sirovatka PJ, Regier DA (eds). Stress-Induced and Fear Circuitry Disorders: Refining the Research Agenda for DSM-V. Arlington VA: American Psychiatric Association, 2009.

Chapter 1 (page 5, line 22)
from: of a high number of false negatives.
to: of a high number of false positives.

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