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DSM-5 Permissions Policy 

DSM-5 Permissions Policy

The DSM-5, published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), is scheduled for publication in May 2013.

Because the draft diagnostic criteria posted most recently on have undergone revisions and are no longer current, the specific criteria text has been removed from the website to avoid confusion or use of outdated categories and definitions. 

DSM-5 is a registered trademark, and all content, whether in final or proposed form, is protected by copyright held by the APA. All rights are reserved, and written permission is required from the APA for use in any way, commercial or noncommercial. 

During the development process, permission will not be granted for use of the diagnostic criteria. This policy applies to all users and parties, including for those who wish to produce DSM-5 educational materials, diagnostic instruments, or computer-assisted applications of these materials. 

The APA owns all products generated by the Work Groups developing DSM-5, but requests will be considered for permission to describe the criteria and development process in narrative form. However, APA will not grant permission to reproduce the diagnostic criteria while they are under development.

Requests for permission will be considered after publication date, scheduled for late May 2013. If permission is granted, it will be for one-time usage on the conditions that the content is not modified or adapted in any way and credit to the APA is indicated.

Questions about permission requests may be directed to the APA Rights Manager Jane Cha at ( Questions regarding the rights and permissions policy may be directed to the APA Publisher ( Requests for translation may be directed to the John Scott Agency (


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